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Solution Partner Program Options Include:

Technology Support

  • Software dev kit
  • Cloud-based hosting
  • Technical support

Marketing Support

  • Joint press release
  • Website presence
  • Joint press and event opportunities

Sales Support

  • Reference support
  • Joint Collateral


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Green Energy Corp Solution Partner Program

The Green Energy Corp Solution Partner Program is for Developers, System Integrators, Consultants and Resellers who are interested in developing applications, promoting, or integrating the GreenBus Smart Grid platform.
Green Energy Corp's GreenBus software platform enables Utilities, Microgrids and Labs to capture real-time operational data, securely store and manage extreme volumes of data, and allow for intra-application communications and resource sharing.

Through this program, participating partners can leverage the GreenBus Open Source platform for Utilities to create smart grid applications, protocol adapters, and more, for utilities systems.

Green Energy Corp Partner Tracks

Choose the Track That Suits You Best

Developer Solution Partner: creates software, drivers, hardware or devices that operate with the GreenBus platform. Green Energy’s Developer Support Program (DSP) provides access to the GreenBus software via a hosted environment and includes technical support from our product development team.

GreenBus Ready Partner: Whether they offer an application that leverages the GreenBus or provide consulting services to design or implement GreenBus solutions, they can be certified as fully compliant with GreenBus standards. Includes participation in the GreenBus Solution Catalogue and access to co-marketing activities.

Business Alliance Partner: Includes ISV’s, System Integrators, Resellers and Referring Consultants who have incorporated the GreenBus into their sales strategies to end-user power customers. Depending on the level of participation, these partners have advanced interaction with our engineering, sales and marketing teams to enable sales and support in their targeted markets.

If you are interested in learning more about Green Energy Corp's Solution Partner Program, please email or phone 303-453-8380, or complete the partner application below:

Green Energy Corp Solution Partner application