Products that Transform the Smart Grid

GreenBus® Solution

Green Energy Corp’s GreenBus software platform enables Utilities to adopt the Smart Grid and integrate legacy technology. Utilities can now design and implement an architecture that supports technology adoption over time, while realizing the business benefits incrementally.

With GreenBus, traditional silo applications that can not easily share data with each other, will now access data through the GreenBus platform.

GreenBus connects your Intelligent Applications with your Field Device Drivers

The GreenBus enables packaged applications such as SCADA, AMI/MDM, OMS, CIS, IVR, AVL
to share data over a standard API and industry standard interfaces like MultiSpeak®. Each
application can access data from other applications using the single GreenBus API instead of
developing and configuring multiple custom connectors.

The GreenBus includes purpose-built capabilities for utility operations like security, a massively scalable distributed database (used by Twitter™ & Facebook™), ultra high‐speed messaging and intra‐applications communications through standards‐based applications programming interfaces (APIs). This rich functionality, along with a Software Development Kit (SDK), enables new ‘smart’ applications to be written and implemented more quickly and to share data and resources in a secure environment.

Key Benefits of GreenBus

• Applications can now share data, wide area network (WAN) and field instrumentation
• Eliminates point-to-point interfaces & custom patches
• Capture extremely high volume real-time operational data
• Financial flexibility through cloud or on-site subscription-based service
• Better visibility, metrics and control of grid operations
• Easier integration of renewable energy sources
• Increases data accuracy and precision
• Automates work-flow and reduces error-prone manual processes
• Streamlines regulatory compliance and reportingCase Studies

GreenBus Support

GreenBus is delivered via a cloud-based or on-site subscription service. This allows Utilities to add functionality by enabling applications on an as-needed basis. The subscription model is designed to provide the most value in new technology, formalized quality and assurance programs, security updates, and more. Learn more about our
Software Subscription offering...