Smart Energy

The smart energy market is composed of long-time energy companies extending established product lines and emerging companies creating new, innovative solutions. Their solutions can vary from comprehensive product suites that span generation, transmission and distribution applications or provide best-in-class applications for targeted problem sets. Green Energy’s smart energy customers are representative of every segment and take advantage of our software engineering services and our products.  In order to meet aggressive schedules for product launches, our customers outsource our engineering teams to assist in the design and development of products.

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Green Energy Corp’s management team and directors have operated in the utility sector for several decades making them one of the most experienced management teams in the industry. Green Energy Corp has designed, built, and deployed engineering and software solutions for some of the world’s largest and most progressive electric utilities like Duke Energy and Florida Power and Light. Green Energy Corp experience and intellectual property in power systems engineering and substation automation, combined with our experience in engineering complex communications systems, drives our product development.

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