Microgrids and the Enterprise Platform

Green Energy Corp has refocused its business strategy on building a full-service microgrid development capability called “Enterprise Platform.”

The Enterprise Platform strategy is centered around “microgrids” and our ability to provide full-service implementations. Microgrids are small-scale power production and delivery systems comprised of distributed generation facilities co-located with the loads they serve.  Microgrids incorporate multiple types of energy generation, storage and loads, allowing for high utilization of renewable energy resources, thereby creating economic and environmental benefits to its customers.   Microgrids are able to be connected to the Utility grid to purchase power from the grid or sell power back to the grid as conditions dictate.  Microgrids can be designed to operate "islanded" when the Utility grid is not available, continuing to provide sustainable power to their local customers, as observed in the Northeast during Hurricane Sandy.

In November 2012, Green Energy Corp completed an investment transaction with a syndicate comprised of AXvantage, Inc. (AXi) and Cambridge Global Consulting (CGC) (together (AXi/CGC).  AXi/CGC has actively participated in creating enterprise value for Green Energy Corp. 

In March of this year we completed a merger with Horizon Energy Group and Horizon Microgrid Solutions (together “Horizon”).  The merged companies operate as Green Energy Corp and are headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Horizon is a leader in microgrid design and implementation.  Horizon’s advanced design for optimizing microgrid operations for economic, reliability, and emissions objectives is recognized throughout the industry as the way of the future.  Horizon is the leading U.S. designer of utility and campus microgrids and one of the leading microgrid developers in the U.S.

Our Enterprise Platform capabilities include design, engineering, project financing, construction, operations and maintenance, and of course the GreenBus® software platform to manage each phase in the implementation life cycle.  We believe microgrids will be the preferred future for expanding and modernizing the nation’s aging central power grid and the related market is poised for explosive growth.

MaaS – Microgrids as a Service

This month, we have introduced a new product line entitled Microgrids as a Service (“MaaS”).  In addition to developing our own microgrids, with MaaS we offer packaged solutions to third party microgrid developers that enable them to utilize the GreenBus® and Green Energy Corp’s expertise to build and deploy microgrids.  We capture this capability as a microgrid “toolset” comprised of the software, design and engineering packages, equipment recommendations, construction methods, operations and maintenance support and financial instruments - all delivered from a hosted environment (cloud) managed by Green Energy Corp.  The MaaS approach allows us to collaborate with large and small developers to attain recurring revenue streams from the deployment of microgrids worldwide.  Please refer to the following article in “Smart Grid News” which reflects the industry response to our MaaS concept.




Software Engineering Services

Green Energy Corp is a leading provider of software engineering services and is widely recognized for our in-depth technical skills, proven experience and customer-centric values. Our application design and development expertise is honed to develop large, scalable, extensible systems originating from the foundational architecture and standards adherence to the interpretation of protocols, development of firmware, and implementation of web-enabled systems using SOA Architectures. 

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