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CTO Peter Gregory interviewed by Larry Nelson on w3w3 radio

Software Services

Communications, Utility and Smart Energy

Green Energy Corp is a preferred provider of premier software services and is widely known for quality and innovation.

Maas-Microgrid as a Service

Microgrid Master Controller

Monitor distributed generation and storage. Control microgrid assets via command and control. Assess asset states.

Solutions for Utilities

Energy Control Center for Utility Operations

Real Time data acquisition. OT and IT systems share real-time data over standard API and MultiSpeak® interfaces.

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April 5, 2013 Green Energy Corp Announces Merger with Horizon Energy Group and Horizon Microgrid Solutions

March 7, 2012 GEC's Vivek Talvadkar honered by NRECA International

January 30, 2012 CTO Peter Gregory interviewed by Larry Nelson on w3w3 radio

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