Utilities Solutions

Green Energy Corp’s sole mission is to help modernize Investor Owned Utilities, Municipal Utilities and Cooperatives by enabling the development of microgrid systems to drive smarter grid management and customer participation. Relieving the constraints of proprietary ‘silo’ software systems and vintage hardware, Green Energy Corp’s open source GreenBus® enables power providers to achieve higher efficiency, better demand management, easier use of renewable and distributed energy, and a better way to meet the tsunami of regulatory demands.
Secure intra-application communications – One of the main benefits for utilities is that they can  now have their SCADA, Outage Management Systems, Energy Management Systems, Distribution Management Systems, AMR/AMI, Engineering and Maintenance applications securely talk to each other, share data and share the field device instrumentation.
Green Energy Corp’s management team and directors have operated in the utility sector for several decades making them one of the most experienced management teams in the industry. Green Energy Corp has designed, built, and deployed engineering and software solutions for some of the world’s largest and most progressive electric utilities like Duke Energy and Florida Power and Light. Green Energy Corp’s experience and intellectual property in power systems engineering and substation automation, combined with our experience in engineering complex communications systems, drives our product development.

Green Energy Corp’s products also provides utilities with a library of field device protocols, or adaptors to facilitate the migration from outdated but still functional grid hardware to smart, data-ready devices. This includes the standards-based and widely used DNP3, ModBus and IEC 61850 protocols. In addition, Green Energy Corp has developed hundreds of custom protocols for specific power generation and transmission equipment that are in production in major utilities today.

Utilities Product Offering

The GreenBus Platform is the foundation of the Green Energy Corp product strategy and reflects our unique open source strategy. We believe that only with open source software, open standards and an open architecture is it possible to optimize adoption of integrated solutions across industry, academic and governmental boundaries. The GreenBus open source ecosystem expands the resources of smart grid problem-solvers to a global community and allows all contributors to more rapidly innovate and advance many viable solutions.